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BoardWalker 9627 電路板元件動/靜態維修診斷系統
BoardWalker 9627 電路板元件動/靜態維修診斷系統
BoardWalker 9627 電路板元件動/靜態維修診斷系統
型號:BoardWalker 9627

BoardWalker 9627 is designed as a affordable Digital,Analog and Mixed Signal Functional Test System to cater the needs of PCB test and repair depots, keeping in mind the changing PCB technology and challenges in testing them offline. . Its advanced sequencer allows external event synchronization or handshake which is essential in complex microprocessor tests.It can provide complete PCB test and diagnostic functions for any kind of PCB including the latest very high density complex PCB’s. An addition of Integrated boundary scan test for latest generation chips and advanced QSM VI with auto Best Curve Fit algorithm provides significant improvements in test and trouble shooting of legacy and modern PCBA’s



  • High-speed USB interface for plug and play

  • VHDL based Device Library

  • Programmable time base.

  • Versatile Clip Status display with Voltage / Impedance / Pin Labels / Link Status of every pin.

  • User defined analog stimulus QSM VI with Best fit Curve unique software algorithm.

  • Integrated Boundary scan controller

  • Python TD for effective analog device testing

  • Inbuilt design Rule checker



  • Complete Repair Station for Third Part Maintenance

  • Inward Goods Inspection for Digital / Analog / Mixed Signal Devices.

  • Production Testing of PCB assemblies / Electronics Modules.

  • Testing of Board populated with High Pin count Boundary Scan Compatible Devices

  • In-House maintenance wings of PSUs / Defence and Para military Organizations.

  • Electronic manufacturing units for Board recovery and Production line testing

  • Industries in Automobile, Textiles, Engineering, Steel, Cement sectors for CNC, PLC, electronic PCBs troubleshooting

  • Hi-tech atomic/space labs and R&D labs for maintenance of sophisticated instrumentation/equipment

  • Hospitals for in house maintenance / Service Organization in Bio-medical engg field.

  • Electricity generating authorities for maintenance of Control and Instrumentation

  • TPM companies

  • Central Maintenance Centre of Universities, technical educational institutions, Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics